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Aesop Banner Creator creates GIF images, banners and wallpapers
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Aesop Banner Creator is a handy tool for creating animations for websites and moving wallpapers for cell phones in the form of .GIF files.
It offers a variety of interesting effects like rotation, color transition, fading, etc, and a possibility to facilitate creation of a multi-frame .GIF file within a few moments. Even the smaller size images can be obtained with the help of data compression and palette optimization that can be used as wallpapers for mobile phones.
This tool provides the user with two options, one being that of usual drawing and the other one being the anti-aliasing technique for the creation of three dimensional shapes as well as text. The operation is fairly simple making it a good choice for everyone whether he/she is an amateur or a professional graphic design expert. It has a convenient interface, providing a step-by-step walkthrough to the user for accomplishing all the desired tasks.
As a whole, a good program for creating GIF images, banners and wallpapers, with vivid functionality and handy interface, providing quick solutions for the creation of animations with detailed features, enabling effective data optimization. However, Aesop Banner Creator works only with .GIF file format of graphics.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Quick GIF image creation


  • Supports only .GIF files
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